Live Play-by-Play

View each event and call as it happens in real time.


Vote on each call and each event - good or bad.

You make the Call

If an event occurs without a call, you make the call.

Correct the Call

Use our custom sports emojis to give your input on what the call should have been.

Live Box-Score Statistics

Get all the statistics you need about the game, updated live.

Rate the Refs

Rate the overall quality of the refereeing at the end of each game.


Tailgate with your friends every game!

Group chat

Create your tailgate groups and follow the game together.

Never miss a thing

Score and play-by-play shown in each chat room, so you don't miss a thing.

Sports Emojis

Use our beautiful sports stickers and emojis directly in chat.


Vote on each call, or make your own, without leaving chat room.

Public Tailgates

Create your own Public Tailgate and have members join in to discuss sports topics and discussions of your choosing.


See what others are saying

See the most voted on calls, and summary statistics of how each team's fans think of the refereeing.

See what your friends are saying

See how your friends are voting and their thoughts on the game.


Latest Betting Odds

Get the latest betting odds, including spread and over/under, updated daily.

Odds Accuracy

See detailed information on how often the odds are right, broken down by team, home/away, winner, spread, over/under.

Coming Soon!

A.I. Driven Betting

Utilizing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, place the bets that will have the highest payoff.

In-app Betting

Bet directly through RefRatings through our Sportsbook Partner.

About Us

We are a close team that is passionate about social media, advanced statistics, and sports. Years ago, we started our company out of frustration with officiating inconsistency. Like you, we have seen time and time again calls change the entire trajectory of a game and felt powerless to do anything about it…We realized that we needed a meaningful outlet where data could be systematically collected and measured to make our voice heard. With #RefRatings, we provide a platform to not only collect and analyze this information (including both bad and good officiating) to improve the quality of officiating but a place to connect with friends and fellow sports fans.

Jack Khayoyan, CFA

Arsine Khayoyan, Ph.D.

Dave Dickey, Ph.D.

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